Freestyler Arose from the Grave for YUGO?

Freestyler Arose from the Grave for YUGO?

My main source of new music is still youtube. Their algorithm sometimes takes you down a weird rabbit hole that many times creates an amazing journey with a treat in each step.

Recently, although it was doomed to come up with its 2 mil views, the newly re-shoot Freestyler song pop up on my feed.

It immediately caught my attention, as I was not aware who or what YUGO was.

So I clicked play and on a new tab did a quick search. On my headphones I was on a time travel to 1999 and with my eyes I was exposed to the new age of marketing.

The main purpuse of the video was to reach millennials and other following generations about a product that is beyond sexy. An internet/tv/mobile package.

Their goal as mentioned by Geert Verdonck (Creative Director) was to create somethinng that would get noticed. They needed this virality factor to get through to the masses, another radio/spotify ad would just not cut it.

Going Bold

I believe it was a really bold move to take an iconic song of the 1999 and remix it, in order to sell a telecom plan. It would no matter what attract many eyes, but what you definitely not want, would be to attract those eyes due to bad publicity.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, however in an old industry like Telco there is no room for mistakes, you do not want to be known as the company that "took advantage" a gem of the music industry in order to sell more units.

The video

I will go ahead and say this. I loved the video.

They managed to take the existing music video clip and re-shoot it with a modern, up to date look.

While I was reading the interview on LBB, I cringed while reading on how they intentionally scripted the clip to include the new age of dating hook ups (yes tinder that's you), my beloved emojis and the gif culture.

The main reason I got a bit triggered was that this was scrippted not having in mind the culture but maximizing output through psychology.

Their goal was simple. Nostalgia plus current trends and good production value, equals virality.

However, afterwards I decided to give it a few more views and pay more attention to the frames.

There are many elements that make the video unique and I decided to let go of my inner voice that screams against targeted advertising that uses psychology to that extent and enjoy it.

One of the things that they absolutely nailed was the main actress. Milica Bajcetic is a 16-year-old dancer from Belgrade and has an uncaning resembles to the original ENTER_NAME. The dread locks, the age, it was just a perfect match.

Of course many will focus on the choice of switching the "protagonist" to a girl but I honestly do not care, it's a nice touch but I prefer not to fall into the path of admiring something just because they remembered about the other existing gender. (Also this was not done due to preference but it was an 100% marketing choice).


There are many other gems hidden in the clip, the dancing trio was spot on but one more thing that stood out was the inclusion/injection of 2019 through adjusting the mechanics. The protagonist no longer just pauses or rewinds, but swipes and launches top notch entertainment by switching the Disc Player to a smartphone.

Bomfunk MC's

When I discovered the truth behind the creation of this video, I remembered when I saw Morpheus from the classic cult of the "Matrix" being used as a prop in a car ad for KIA Motors.

They had taken a film all about the control of the system, fighting against ods (and many more if you include the whole trilogy and the Animatrix series) and converted that icon into a marketing puppet.

I cannot say for sure if this was a sell out on the swaskoski brothers side or they had already sold advertising rights to Warner Bros, but damn capitalism hit me hard on that one.

Geert mentioned that the original Bomfunk MC's members were skeptical at first but they convinced them that they were more on the side of making a music video rather than an ad. Do I believe them? No. They are not music producers, they are a Telco company.

As a side-note, the video will be used by the group's new show so we can definitely see how they would benefit.

Well-made but I don't budge

I like the fresh look, as I mentioned earlier, I am really fond of the clip but I cannot get past the real purpuse, I am far too cynical for that.

Kudos to the producing team for putting such effort and maintaining the integrity of the original without injecting ads within the clip or having the protagonist use their service. They took a lighter approach and I commend them about it.

I still hope however, that in the future we will still reference the orignal and not the remaster.

Enjoy the music!